Solanie So Fine Hand Cream Softening Nourishing Cherry Blossom 50 ml


This cherry blossom scented hand cream is made for tired, dehydrated hands. Its soft formula is easily absorbed and regenerates the hands worn by everyday work, environmental damage or frequent hand washing. It not only nourishes and hydrates, but also calms the irritated skin with the help of chamomile and panthenol ingredients. It does not leave a greasy feeling after application, so it can be used without any discomfort for any skin type.

 Why choose Softening Nourishing Hand Cream with Cherry Blossom?

  • Regenerates worn hands
  • Calms irratated skin 
  • Soften, nourishes and regenerates dry skin
  • Does not leave greasy feel

Main active ingredients: sunflower oil, lanoline, almond proteine, panthenol, chamomile extract, sweet almond oil, shea butter

Recommended skin type: all skin types

Usage: After washing and disinfecting your hands, lubricate your hands with the right amount of cream, then massage in with soft, smoothing movements until completely absorbed.