Solanie Grape- hyaluron foamy cleanser 150 ml


Cleanse your face from everyday impurities and makeup residues with Solanie Grape-hyaluron foamy cleanser. The cleanser with organic grape water and sugar-based surfactants gently removes the impurities from the skin surface. The valuable component of the product is organic grape water, which is rich in minerals and trace elements. Energizes the cells and neutralizes free radicals. Sugar-based surfactants make it foamy, and lipoamino acid softens the skin and loosens the accumulated dirt.

Why choose Grape-hyaluron foamy cleanser?

  • Removes even the most stubborn impurities from the bottom of the pores
  • Appropriate for sensitive skin due to its foamy formula
  • Protects skin cells with its high antioxidant content
  • Neutralizes free radicals with its natural ingredients
  • Due to its hyaluronic acid content moisturizing while cleansing
  • Not causing dryness
  • 3 in 1 cleansing, softening and has antioxidant effect

Skin-friendly formula:

  • 0% paraben
  • 0% mineral oil
  • 0% silicone oil
  • 0% SLS
  • 0% colorant

Usage: Lather a small amount of gel between wet cleansed palms with a small amount of water. Apply to all over the face by massaging the skin, avoiding eye and mouth area. After rinse off thoroughly.

Warnings: Avoid contact with eyes! Keep away from children! Store unter 25°C, protected from light.