Solanie Grape-hyaluron eye contour cream with TO Complex 15 ml


Slow down skin aging around the eyes with Solanie Grape-hyaluron eye contour cream. Due to its soft and easy absorbing formula effectively moisturizes and soften skin. This helps to maintain the elasticity and wrinkle-less look of the skin around the eyes.

Effectively reduces the visible signs of circles around the eyes and wrinkles, caused by fatigue and everyday stress, due to its special formula enriched in botox-like, natural ingredients. The special TO Complex® rich in vitamins and antioxidants, neutralizes the skin cells damaging free radicals. Mg-Relax® component optimizes the energy production processes of the cells, its anti-wrinkle effect lowers the mimic muscles activity thereby smoothes the skin surface and reduces the small wrinkles.

Why choose Grape-hyaluron eye contour cream with TO Complex?

  • Its soft formula is specifically optimized for sensitive skin around the eyes
  • 2in1: has a moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effect
  • Protects skin cells with its high antioxidant content
  • Neutralizes free radicals with its natural ingredients
  • Smoothes mimic wrinkles with its anti-wrinkle effect
  • Provides an outstanding moisturizing effect with its hyaluronic acid ingredient

Skin-friendly formula:

  • 0% mineral oil
  • 0% paraben
  • 0% alcohol
  • 0% siilicone oil

Usage: Apply after morning and evening cleansing, a pea sized amount of the cream around the eyes with gentle tapping movements. 

Warnings: For external use only! Keep away from children! Avoid contact with eyes! Store under 25°C, protected from light.