Solanie Aloe Vera Intensive Cleansing Foam 200 ml


Gentle cleansing and care for face, and other sensitive areas. Use everyday the Intensive cleansing foam, which was developed to keep unique pH balance.

Its lactic acid component helps the skin fight bacteria and moisturizes its surface. Ideal for daily cleansing of intimate areas.

Why choose Intensive cleansing foam?

The components of the cleansing foam can:

  • prevent infection (tea tree oil),
  • supply oiliness (grape seed oil),
  • smooth, reduce irritation (allantoin, panthenol),
  • regenerate, moisturize (aloe vera),
  • restore pH balance (lactic acid, sodium lactate).

Maximally skin friendly-formula:

  • 0% Mineral oil
  • 0% Silicone oil
  • 0% Paraben
  • 0% Colorant
  • 0% Ethyl-alcohol

Apply one pump of cleansing foam on damp skin, then rinse (shower) it with plenty of water. The product can be applied to the entire body surface.

For external use only! Keep away from children! Avoid contact with eyes!